About Us

There is something about bungalows in India. The moment someone utters the magical word, we start dreaming of high back chairs beside fireplaces, colonial furniture, remote locations, rugged stone paths meandering through pine forests shrouded in mist and the old Chowkidar, who guards the secrets of the Bungalow. If you really thought such bungalows existed in dreams then you are wrong. We have handpicked some of these rarest gems from Sikkim, North Bengal and other parts of the country and featured them in this website for you.

Most of the bungalows in this website are heritage bungalows built during the British times, so they exude that colonial charm of the days of the Raaj. Perched on hilltops and surrounded by gardens and forests, these wooden structures with verandahs and large windows opening up to the hills and forests makes for an ideal vacation for time travellers who always wanted to relive the adventures of the lonely Sahib. However, to keep to our everyday requirements, the bungalows have been renovated with modern amenities like electricity and hot water geysers.

If you are one of those, who cherish the dream of spending few days in such a bungalow, then drop your query and we would get back to you with the details. Travel Monk is a registered Travel Consultant and Tour Operator operating tours in West Bengal, Sikkim, Jharkhand and Orissa. We are a registered company and authorised agent to STDC (Sikkim Tourism Development Corporation).