Chowdhury Zamindar Bari

The 375-year-old Chowdhury Zamindar Bari (House) is surrounded by mango orchards, huge ponds, temples and a Durga Mancha where Durga Puja and Kali Puja is being continuously held for the past 400 years.

Room Tariff: Rs.3000 per night with breakfast

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The earliest recorded history of the Chowdhurys date back to 1299 AD from Malda and Murshidabad. However, the Chowdhurys settled in their present abode in Nimo around mid 1600 AD, when the Zamindri was conferred to them by the Muhgal Court. In 1793, the British recognised the Zamindari and in later part of 18th Century, the Zamindari of the Chowdhury’s expanded to as far as Srirampore and later to Sunderbans.

Spending a few days in this Zamindar House would be a time-travelling experience for the guests. You can walk around the village roads, take a nap on the maachan within the mango orchard, catch fish in the ponds, visit the temple to witness the evening Aarti and loiter within the corridors and terraces of the Zamindar House to glance around the age-old photos of the Zamindars, Rajahs, their hunting expeditions and trophies.


Accommodation at Chowdhury Zamindar Bari

There are three Double Bed rooms and one Four Bedded room within this heritage Zamindar House where guests are put up. All the rooms have been decked with period furniture and exude the charm of staying in a typical Bengali Zamindar house with their Khirki windows, Kari- Barga ceilings and doors with Shekals and Kheels. This heritage building is located just beside the dighi (pond) and is surrounded by terracotta Shiva Temples, a terracotta Dol Mancha, the Radha Madhav Temple and the Durga Mancha. The Rath Yatra is a grand affair in this village and you would find the Ratha stationed few hundred yards from the house. Guests are served food in the dining area of the ground floor and all rooms are located on the first and second floors. All rooms have windows opening to the village and pond and this makes them very airy. A spacious terrace on the second floor has been opened for the guests, where they can laze around in the evenings under the open sky and share stories of the past from the hosts.


Attractions around Chowdhury Zamindar Bari

Apart from the heritage house itself, there are numerous other attractions in the village. The Four-Hundred-year old Durga Bari or Durga Mancha of the Chowdhurys where Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Saraswati Puja and Kartik Puja are held regularly. In the evenings, you can visit the Radha Madhav Temple to find your place within the villagers witnessing the Sandhya Aarati followed by Kirtans. In the mornings, you can take a walk around the surrounding villages of Chowdhury Bari to explore century-old schools, Rathas, terracotta temples, tribal villages and Ashrams. The mango orchard of the Chowdhury Bari covers a few acres and more than 300 trees.


How to reach Chowdhury Zamindar Bari

The nearest rail head is Nimo Station near Bardhaman. You can avail local transport like autos and rickshaws from Nimo to Chowdhury Zamindar Bari. If you are taking the road, then drive through NH2 (Durgapur Expressway) for around 02 hours to reach Nabagram and from there you have to take a diversion of 10 kms to reach Chowdhuri Bari. The distance is around 95 kms from Kolkata.


Activities at Chowdhury Zamindar Bari

In the summer months, the whole mango orchard blooms with mangoes and you can participate in picking mangoes as well as tasting them to find out the difference between Chausa, Dasseri, Langda, Kesar, Himsagar, Totapuri and others. If you are a professional angler or is just developing your interest in fishing, then you can bring your angling equipment and try your luck to catch the 06 kg Rohus and Katlas teeming in the ponds. You can go bird watching in the surrounding villages and orchards, enjoy a campfire in the evenings or take a walk in the nearby tribal villages and explore other nearby terracotta temples and ashrams.


ROOM TARIFF: Rs.3000 with complimentary breakfast.  Click to drop an Enquiry.