Fagu Bungalow

The Tea bungalow of Fagu is the ultimate retreat for those looking for a wonderful but quiet vacation in the lap of nature’s thriving beauty. The heritage place was once the pride of the British Raj who ruled the magnificent tea gardens with grandeur during the colonial period.

Room Tariff: Rs.3990 per night

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The majestic colonial Tea bungalow of Fagu is located about 20 kilometers from Malbazar near Gorumara National Park. Located atop a hill, the sloping bungalow is the perfect retreat for those who are looking for an experience of the old stately colonial period. The Bungalow reflects every bit of British dignity in its grand furnishing and exquisite savor. The bungalow is located beautifully in the middle of sprawling tea plantation that is surrounded with fertile forest vegetation with the splendid Himalayas in the background.

Accommodation at Fagu Tea Bungalow

The regal Tea bungalow of Fagu is about 100 years old and was built during the British Colonial Era. The Bungalow reflects strong imprints of the British style and features strong impressions of the British architecture. The Bungalow has the ideal features of a British country house lawn that served as a gathering place for small afternoon tea-parties and evening rendezvous. The magnificent Fagu Bungalow has deluxe Triple Bed rooms with attached baths. The wooden paned windows offer beautiful scenic sights of the tea gardens and waterfalls. The rooms are well furnished with classic imperial furniture that gives you a feel of the olden times. Every room is decked with a warm fireplace. The kitchen serves garden fresh organic foods and home-cooked local cuisines are also available. The dining area is separate. The open terrace bungalow offers a magnificent view of the tea estate with its adjoining scenic views.

How to reach Fagu Tea Bungalow

Fagu is located about 75 kilometers from New Jalpaiguri with Gorubathan falling on the way. The Tea Bungalow is accessible by road and can be reached via taxi, shuttle or rented cars.

Attractions around Fagu Tea Estate

The prime attraction at Fagu is the Tea Plantation area built during the colonial period. The vicinity surrounding the tea estate is covered with beautiful forest area and gorgeous flower gardens. One can go for lovely long strolls along the estate routes to experience the freshness of the place. The prominent heritage building here is the British tea bungalow that is simply breath-taking with its gorgeous green lawns and flower gardens.

Apart from this, one can also visit other places of interest near fagu that includes the Gorumara National Park, Lava, Rishyap and Kalimpong. An ancient Buddhist Monastery, Suntaleykhola village, the Sevoke Coronation Bridge, River Teesta and the Rock-Garden are also some of the attraction located near Fagu. About 30 mintues downhill from Fagu Tea Bungalow, there is an idyllic spot known as Fafar Kheti which is famous for its gorgeous waterfall, lush greenery, the Chel River, spectacular birds and far-off village view making it one of the most sought after spots of the Fagu Tea Estate.

Activities at Fagu

Fagu is a place of bustling tourist activities. The most important activity is the guided tours that are organized locally for visiting the tea estate. The tour starts with a visit to the Fagu tea factory where one can watch and participate in the process of tea making that involves tea plucking, tea processing and tea tasting. Other activities include riverside picnic reveries with friends and family and various trekking and hiking exploration trips to nearby reserve forest areas, mountain top villages and waterfalls. Bird watching is also a popular activity here with a variety of exotic bird species that thrive in this region.

Since the climate of Fagu is quiet agreeable during the summers with about 25 degree C, it is the best time to have a pleasant visit. The winters are however bitter and chilly.


TARIFF: Rs.3990 (Double Bed). Click to drop an Enquiry.