Panchetgarh Zamindar Bari

In this 230-year-old Zamindar Bari (House) you can still re-discover the last evidences of the grandeur relished by the Choudhury- Dasmohapatra family who were endowed the Zamindari by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb.

Tariff: Rs.1750 per head per night with food

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The earliest recorded history of the Dasmahapatra family dates back to mid 17th Century from Athgarh region of Odisha. However, official records suggest that one of the earliest patriachs of the family Chowdhury Murari Mohan Dasmohapatra was endowed with the Territory Grant of Patashpur Pargana by the Mughal Court under Emperor Aurangzeb in 1779 AD. Soon, he built this Panchetgarh Zamindar House in the village of Panchetgarh and started his official order.

Spending a few days in this Zamindar House would be a time-travelling experience for the guests. You can walk around the village roads and locate the remains of a moat which was once built around the Zamindar House as a defensive measure. You can catch fish in the pond, visit the temple to witness the evening Aarti and loiter within the corridors and terraces of the Zamindar House to glance around the age-old photos and antiques.

Accommodation at Panchetgarh Zamindar Bari

At Panchet Garh Zamindar Bari there are 2 standard double bed-rooms and 1 deluxe double bed room for guests with a comfortable accommodation for 6 people. All standard facilities like attached western bathrooms with hot water geysers, power back-up, AC, comfy beds and wardrobes are present in the rooms.

Attractions around Panchet Garh Zamindar Bari

Apart from the heritage Zamindar Bari itself, there are numerous century-old temples built by Chowdhury Dasmahapatras scattered throughout the village itself. The Ratha Deul (Chariot Tower) styled Radha Krishna Temple in Odishan architecture, the South-Indian styled ‘Pancha-Siva Temple‘ and Sitala-Debi’s Pancha-Ratna Temple built in typical Jor-Bangla style of Bengal. Other temples in the village include Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s temple, a Ras-Mancha and even a Jhulan Mandir. Panchetgarh is simply a Village of Temples and Traditions.

How to reach Panchetgarh Zamindar Bari

The nearest major rail head is Belda (32kms) and Contai (35kms). The Panchet Garh Zamindar Bari arranges pickup from any of these Railway Stations. If you are taking the road from Kolkata, then head towards Kolaghat – Kharagpur – Belda – Patashpur. The distance is around 175 kms. from Kolkata.

Activities at Panchet Garh Zamindar House

There is a small museum showcasing a collection of antiques ranging from simple century-old household items to trophies, musical instruments, photographs, seals and many more. If you are a professional angler or is just developing your interest in fishing, then you can bring your angling equipment and try your luck to catch some Rohus and Katlas teeming in the ponds. You can go bird watching in the surrounding villages and orchards, enjoy a campfire in the evenings or take a walk in the nearby tribal villages.


  TARIFF: Rs.1750 per head per day with food. Click to drop an Enquiry.