Rinchenpong Bungalow

Rinchenpong is the newest attraction of Sikkim. This hill town is popular for its amazing location and historical significance. Rinchenpong was once a significant poetical muse for illustrious poet Rabindranath Tagore, who wrote famous verses here inspired by the beguiling beauty of this place.

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Situated in the Western region of Sikkim, this panoramic little town has been of great prominence during the colonial years. The British forces in their usual conquest for expansion sent an expeditionary force to Sikkim in 1860, following which the Lepcha natives of this region determined to protect their land from foreign invaders poisoned the water of a pond with some poisonous herbs that killed almost half the Army. This resulted in the retreat of the British army and thus the pond since then came to be known as the famous Poison Pokhri. History apart, Rinchenpong is famous for its breathtaking and enchanting view of the Mt. Kanchenjunga range and some important monasteries. The Himalayan forest vegetation is very lush here and boasts some rare and exotic species of beautiful birds and butterfly thriving in abundance. It is approximately situated at an altitude of about 5576 feet.

Accommodation in the Rinchenpong Bungalow

Apart from regular modern hotels and resorts at Rinchenpong, you can stay in a heritage wooden British bungalow, amidst the forest surrounded by ancient trees. To get a real feel of this enchanting Himalayan village you must stay at this heritage Dak Bungalow.

This British Heritage Bungalow is similar to the other bungalows from the British era and is uniquely furnished in wood and stones. The Rinchenpong bungalow is surrounded by thriving luscious green forest. The Bungalow is quite spacious with two rooms and a wide portico with a beautiful garden. There is a snug well furnished wooden sitting area with a warm fireplace for the guests. You can also order food from restaurants located nearby or the Chowkidar and caretaker can prepare some sumptuous local dishes.

How to reach Rinchenpong Bungalow

Rinchenpong is situated about 130 kilometers from Bagdogra Airport (IXB) and New Jalpaiguri Railway Station in West Bengal. One can also go via Siliguri.  You can hire a taxi from NJP Railway Station or from Bagdogra Airport to reach rinchenpong via Jorethang. If you are looking for shared transport, then you can take any car or bus from Siliguri to Jorethang and then hire a taxi to Rinchenpong.

Attractions around Rinchenpong

Rinchenpong is famous for its Holy Pond named Poison Pokhri that has a unique stone staircase leading its way up to the Rinchenpong Monastery that was built in 1717 which houses an extraordinary idol of Ati Buddha in the Yub-Yum position. This stone pathway continues further upwards leading way to another monastery called the Reesum Monastery. Moving still further upwards, the stone trail finally ends into an old traditional Lepcha village house. Other places of interest are the Maggi Dara which is a newly built monastery mostly important for its association with the Great poet of Bengal – Rabindranath Tagore, who stayed at this very place for some while. In remembrance of this great poet a marble plaque has been anointed with some memorable verses from the poet’s impressive work “Gitanjali”. It is also known as Rabindra Smriti Van.

Some nearby tourist attractions of Rinchenpong includes the world’s largest prayer wheel powered by water at Hee Water Garden which is about 6 kms from Rinchenpong, The Chaaya Taal Lake, Dentam Valley, Uttarey Valley, the Singshore Bridge (India’s highest hanging bridge), the Srijunga Temple (about 8 kilometers away), the Barsey Rhododendron sanctuary, Bermiok and Van Jhakhri waterfalls. For experiencing the local Sikkimese culture visit the neighborhood Sribadam village and also experience local trekking in the abundance of nature by visiting some incredible jungle lakes, waterfalls and view points situated in and around Sribadam village.

Activities at Rinchenpong

You can go for soulful explorations like nature walks, bird watching and short hiking trips around Rinchenpong. Favorite tourist activities here include village walks to traditional Lepcha houses and taking short treks through the forests overlooking Mt. Kanchenjungha. You can also visit the ancient Buddhist monastery retreats for a quiet spiritual encounter. The evenings can be best spent by browsing through the local bazaar and food stalls for a sumptuous taste of the neighboring village extravaganza. Camping and trekking are popular activities during the winter seasons when the magnificent Himalayas are best visible against the backdrop of clean white clouds. Bird watching is another favourite activity of the guests visiting Rinchenpong, which can be best enjoyed staying at this British Bungalow because the bungalow is located in a secluded hill slope surrounded by forests.


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