Takdah Bungalow

Takdah is situated about 27 kilometers from Darjeeling. It is mostly known for its verdant spread of Tea Gardens and British Heritage Tea Bungalow (105 years) that has preserved the glory of the region over many years. Takdah is a popular tourist spot and a major tea making estate of Darjeeling.

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Takdah is an enthralling expanse of Darjeeling which will remind you of the old reminiscent charm of the British period. If you visit Darjeeling, then you must not miss this amazing place that is situated just 27 kilometers from Darjeeling’s main city. Situated in the Runglee Rungliot District of Darjeeling, Takdah is placed at an altitude of 5100 feet at the foothill of the Himalayan Forest vegetation.

Well known for its scenic mountain views and lovely tea garden estates, Takdah is reputed for having some of the best British heritage bungalows and beautiful gardens. In the days of the Raj, Takdah served as a prominent British Cantonment area and was famed for its tea plantation region. The heritage bungalows are located right in the middle of these vast stretches of tea gardens. The area surrounding the tea gardens is also yet another primary attraction of Takdah where you can find luscious forests of pine and cedar trees with beautiful gardens of local orchid flowers. The temporal view of nature’s wilderness beauty can be viewed effortlessly from these heritage bungalows that are located in Takdah. Every morning one can enjoy the panoramic view of the tea gardens with regular sightings of tea plucking activities carried out by local women of the region. The bungalows are older than over a century, but are well maintained and kept intact.

Accommodation in the Takdah British Bungalow

As Takdah is famed for its heritage British Bungalows, you can stay at these beautiful bungalows while you visit this idyllic mountain region. There are about 12 colonial bungalows at Takdah famous for the purpose of tourist stay over. The remaining have either been converted into church or local schools. These bungalows have been built between the years 1905 and 1915. The bungalows are also popularly known by the local name of ‘Kothis’.

The bungalow shown here was built in 1908 and is now maintained and run for lodging purposes by a retired couple. Although over a century old, the bungalow has been kept and restored quiet well in its previous glory with upgraded modern facilities for staying guests. Hot water geysers, well furnished western styled bathrooms, fireplace and kitchen with dining are some of the indispensable amenities provided here. There is a spacious English styled porch where one can spend enamoring evenings watching the beautiful verdant greenery of nature and indulging in pleasant tête-à-tête’s with companion guests. The food served by the kitchen is purely home cooked delectable Indian cuisine and organically sourced from local markets. On special request of the guests English breakfasts and continental dishes are also served. A holiday spent in this homely stead with the beautiful warm morning sunrise glistening through your bedroom windows is sure to make for a treasured memory for years to come.

How to reach Takdah British Bungalow

Takdah is about 70 kilometers from Siliguri. It is very near to Darjeeling. Commutation is easily accessible in various modes of transportation from Siliguri, NJP and Bagdogra.

Attractions around Takdah Cantonment

There is a sacred monastery located in Takdah beside the Mata Durga caves. It is known by the name of Dechhen Pema Tshoiling Monastery or Gumpha. The monastery and the adjoining caves were religiously looked after by a revered monk named Rev. Lama Karma Gyaltchen (Bal Me Me) for many years till 2007. The place is considered very holy by the locals. Apart from this, there are many other heritage British bungalows like Rani Kothi (transformed presently into a church), Att Number Kothi and the famous Sonpur Palace which now lays in ruins. Some of the bungalows have been converted into local schools like Green Shields and Griffith High School. The famous tea estates of Takdah include tea gardens like Runglee Rungliot, Takdah Tea Estate, Gielle and Namring. There are also many beautiful gardens of orchids spread across pathways along the deciduous shelters of pines and cedars. Dokan Dara (the local market) and the Durpin View Point are another two sightseeing places within walking distances of the bungalow. There is also a 100 years old suspension bridge by the name of Barbatey Bridge that is an interesting piece of relic.

Some nearby places of interest around Takdah includes the picturesque villages of Tinchuley and Lamahatta which offers some breathtaking views of the Kanchenjungha Mountain about 4 kilometers and 12 kilometers away from Takdah respectively. The gorgeous orange orchard of Bara Mangwa and Chota Mangwa are just 12 kilometers away from Takdah. The Peshoke Tea Garden is another enchanting view point which is only 14 kilometers far from Takdah. Popular tourist destination ‘Kalimpong’ is located about 40 kilometers from Takdah.

Activities at Takdah

If you want to spend an ideal and relaxing holiday in the lap of cold Mountains of the Himalayas, then Takdah is the apt place to visit. Sightseeing, nature walks, solitary reveries and occasional market sprees can be a wonderful way to spend a memorable vacation at Takdah. For those interested in getting a feel of the village culture can visit the local weekly village market on Thursdays at Dokan Dara which is the epicenter of prime village trade and fair. At the center of the cantonment town, there is an Orchid Center that has the rarest and the most exquisite collection of Himalayan orchid flowers. You can also visit the Chagporti Tibetan Medical Institute for gaining some insight on the local culture of the region.

Usually summers and monsoons are the best times to visit this mesmeric abode of nature situated in the foot of the majestic Himalayas. However, for those who love the frosty chilly winters and the warm essence of burning fire woods, well then this is the place where you’ll find a perfect unison of warmth and cool.


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